Aloha Hawaii

The origin of the well-known welcome for this island.

Also some other geographical names of the USA with Hebrew origin.

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Everybody knows the above-mentioned well-known welcome for this group of tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean, especially for Oahu.

But does anybody know that these two names are both of Hebrew origin?

Aloha = Hebrew: eloh’a = value, god (singular). - Plural: eloh’im = values = god.

Hawaii = Hebrew: hava = Eve + ih = isle

So Aloha Hawaii means the divine isle of Eve, the Paradise Island.

Other North American geographical names with Hebrew origin

The Eastern and Mid-Eastern part of North America was explored and settled by English (and in the North also by French) colonists.

The Englishmen brought their missionaries with them. These protestants knew also the Hebrew language.

So it is no wonder that we find geographical names of Hebrew origin between the English denominations.

Up to now philologists have often tried to postulate Indian origins for certain names. But they are mostly wrong:

The English (and sometimes the Hebrew) influence prevailed.

The same is to be said for some names with French origins.

For example DAKOTA does not come from Indian, but from French: DAKOTA = d'à côté = beside (the colonists).

HURON = Hebrew ha'ron = the shouting

IOWA = Hebrew jehov'ah = god

MIAMI = Hebrew majim = water

HAWAII = Hebrew hava + ii = ile of Eve = ile of paradise

NEBRASKA = Hebrew nev'i = prophet

OMAHA = Hebrew majim = water